About Us

Serendipity has many meanings, however, the one which best fits the Serendipity Child Care Centre in Lethbridge is ‘pleasant surprise’.

Megan Mackenzie and Amanda Anderson were both brought up with their mothers providing child daycare in their homes and from that sprouted a passion to see children cared for in a balanced and caring environment.

Megan graduated in 2007 from Lethbridge College with her diploma in Early Childhood Education and ended up staying in Lethbridge due to serendipitous events. Amanda graduated from Lakeland College in 2006. After her serendipitous events, she ended up moving to Picture Butte and meeting Megan in 2009.  

Serendipity Child Care Centre’s mission is to assist children to reach achievable and challenging goals. We recognize every child accomplishes their development milestones at their own pace. We strive to meet the needs of the whole child taking into account their need for personalized development. We strive to encourage knowledge and growth in a secure and caring environment for children. We are excited to help them develop social, emotional, intellectual, creative, and physical skills.

After 10 years of being in business, we know the most important part of our job is to make sure each child we have the pleasure of welcoming into our facility knows they are loved and safe. When children know they are accepted, loved, and safe, they have the confidence to learn and grow.

“We have the same drive and passion for children. So, when we opened Serendipity, we wanted to create a balanced environment with outdoor play, nutrition, education, and rest,” explained Megan. You won’t find a television or video games at Serendipity Child Care. Instead, you will find a personalized learning plan for your child, a meal plan which follows the Canada Food Guide, and a large outdoor playground where your child will have at least four hours of outdoor learning and play. You will even find a place for your child to take a well-deserved nap.