Welcome to Serendipity Childcare Centre, we would like to extend a huge greeting to you and your family and thank you for choosing us!

Check out the list of all the supplies you will need to pack for your child in order to have successful days.

*please ensure ALL belongings are labeled with a sharpie or check out Mable’s Label’s (we love these and they are super cute and daycare proof!)  mableslabels.com

  1. Diapers (if needed)
  2. Change of clothes in a backpack or bag
  3. Outdoor & indoor shoes (slippers work too)
  4. Outdoor seasonally appropriate clothing
  5. Water bottle or sippy cup (to be left here, they get washed everyday)
  6. Blanket, stuffy, or soother if your child is attached to something particular (blankets can be left as they get washed once a week or as needed)
  7. Formula, baby food

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at: serendipity.childcare@hotmail.com or call us at 403-942-1919

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See you soon!

-Megan, Amanda and all of us at Serendipity